Seasons greetings! Last Monday when the winter solstice struck, we picked the winner of the signed 2015 commemorative Earth Night poster raffle. This Monday, I want to give a quick update on the final numbers and how the contributions were distributed.

  • Number of raffle tickets purchased = 25
  • Total Amount Raised = $615.64
  • Processing Fees Collected = $39.85 ($8.22 [Donorbox] + $31.63 [Stripe] )
  • Total Contributions = $580 ($116 x 5 organizations)

Thanks to a couple cash donations some friends gave me who weren’t interested in entering the raffle, I was able to offset some of the processing fees and managed to send $116 each to Black Voters Matter, Fair Fight, Four Directions, Asian American Advocacy Fund, and the Latino Community Fund of GA. Similarly, I was happy to cover the shipping and packaging as another form of contribution.

Here’s a look at some of their responses!

As this year starts to wrap up, I think back on all the tragedy and chaos this year has brought. While none of us can control what the future brings, an engaged civic base is one of the best ways to boost the immunity of our communities. Thanks for helping give the gift of voting and ending this year on a higher note.

Now all eyes are on January 5.
Let’s go Georgia, Rev. Warnock, and Jon Ossoff!
+ Thank you all again <3 !


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